Pie Factory Music

Pie is a creative youth charity offering innovative, life-enhancing free programmes, activities and events that support and empower young people across East Kent.

Every purchase you make goes towards supporting our vital work, which is needed now more than ever as the cost-of-living-crisis is making it harder for young people to access support services, and funding for youth programmes gets smaller.

  • Who we are

    We support, encourage and empower under-25s to influence their own lives positively, through youth work, music and arts projects, pastoral care and counselling. We believe music and youth work is a tool for creativity, motivation, inclusion and self-confidence and have been helping to transform lives for 20 years. Visit our website at www.piefactorymusic.com

  • What we do

    Pie offers a range of services for young people, those who work with young people and the wider community, from youth work and creative sessions to bespoke workshops, pastoral support, events, training and counselling. Everything we do has young people at the centre, to benefit them now and in the future. Visit our website at www.piefactorymusic.com

  • Support our work

    Your generous gift when you buy something from our shop, or choose an amount or a monthly donation, enables us to continue to undertake our important work and launch new projects that support children and young people in challenging circumstances through music and creativity. Visit our website at www.piefactorymusic.com